Indigo Cosmic was established in Delaware, USA in the second half of 2021 by 3 business people who are crypto and trade enthusiasts working on decentralized technology projects.

Project 01. - RLDM


Experience a fully immersive adult gaming metaverse

RLD Metaverse is a cyberpunk themed P2E adult blockchain game, inspired by the Red LightDistrict, Amsterdam. Sticking with the general architectural values, a new design is made to build a futuristic version of the city.

Within the city, players can complete quests, make friends, play fully uncensored realistic adult games, visit the playground to play mini games for daily rewards, join live events, rent/stake NFTs and earn Reputation Points to unlock considerable perks.


Project Completion Date: Q4 2023


Exploring The Depths

Are you ready for a journey to the deepest points of the seas and oceans from past to present? Start watching and learning about all the creatures that have lived in the seas and oceans! With Meta-Aqua, there will be no secrets about the seas. With Meta-Aqua, everything from the smallest creatures of the sea to the biggest creatures and their ancestors will be in this project.

Website Will Be Announced Soon

Project Completion Date: Q4 2023

Project 02. - METAQUA
Project 03. - METALIFE


Your New Meta Life Begins

Are you ready for the beginning of your new life? Real time, real jobs, real metabolism, real homes, jobs, meals… It’s up to you to live the life you want. Developing your dream job, living your dream life completely depends on your choices. Moreover, you can use the money you earn with this game in your real life!

Website Will Be Announced Soon

Project Completion Date: Q4 2024

More Projects Will Be Announced Soon


Indigo Cosmic Co.

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